Another fresh start

I had one of those very frustrating weeks last week, where the number of issues that needed solutions exceeded my time and ability to give answers.

As always – my clients take priority. So my own business needs fall to the bottom of the list when parsing my time. One of the things I’d been meaning to do was move my website domain AWAY from HostGator, because of their terrible service and an expensive scam they pushed on me over the summer.

It’s a longish story, that involves a site hack, but then they held me hostage until I signed up for and paid a multi-year contract to get my site ‘cleaned’ from malware and bad code. Um…as the hosting platform they are supposed to provide some of that.

Moving domains can be painful. This was medium painful. I signed up with BlueHost, who set things up quickly. However, HostGator would not release my domain for a full week – and there was no way to speed them up.

Happy ending: my domain is now transferred, and I’m building a fresh site. I want this one to be much simpler and stripped down to just necessary items.

I’ve been doing business as MarketUP since 2003. Surprising even to me. Fourteen years helping companies with marketing, PR, and events designed to grow their businesses. Many of my clients have gone through mergers (a good sign, as they were acquired due to their value), and for the most part I’ve stayed with them during their transitions.

I hope my clients stick with me through my transition. I sense 2018 may bring something more than just a new website.

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